University Living in Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor, MI

Project Summary

Project Type:
Provision Living
Type of Facility/Setting:
Assisted Living & Memory Care

Services Provided:
Design-Build, Interior Design & Procurement
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Vibrant community boasts school spirit to speak to prospective residents

Located less than one mile from the University of Michigan football stadium, University Living in Ann Arbor boasts school spirit and a location that attracts former professors and alumni as staff and residents. When it was time for a renovation, the community partnered with Direct Supply® Aptura® to create a functional space that exudes the university’s vibrant energy and team colors while blending cohesively with existing spaces.

Featuring a fresh look and hip vibe, University Living in Ann Arbor offers residents a space that feels modern while still retaining a high-end elegance. Boasting a strong connection to the surrounding area, including a shuttle that takes residents to campus, University Living in Ann Arbor will serve Wolverine fans for years to come.

Photography by John Carlson, Carlson Productions LLC


Library Library

The library was transformed from a dim room into a vibrant and exciting destination


Corridor Corridor

Before, the lobby served as a waiting area for residents. Now, it's reception and a bistro, and it's a popular hangout between breakfast and lunch


Kitchen Kitchen

A new island and extra storage make the Memory Care kitchen a functional area for food prep or crafts

Dining Room

Dining room Dining room

The dining room features several distinct areas, including an 8-person table for group dining

Memory Care Dining

Memory Care dining Memory Care dining

In the Memory Care wing, the dining and living areas were switched to boost marketability and make the space feel more residential

Cultural Center

Cultural Center Cultural Center

New furniture, lighter colors and artwork featuring local theaters combine to set the stage for community events in the cultural center