Aptura is a development services firm committed to creating life-enhancing Senior Living environments. Our experts offer a comprehensive suite of services to support new construction and renovation projects from start to finish.

Our Mission: Your Success

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We’re dedicated to creating life-enhancing environments for America’s seniors and those who care for them. Rely on Direct Supply Aptura’s experienced and passionate team to optimize every aspect of your project – all through one convenient point of accountability.

We understand the unique regulatory, operational and senior-specific considerations necessary to achieve the exceptional outcomes you seek. With nationwide experience building new communities throughout the continuum of care – including Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, Rehabilitation, Memory Care and more – Aptura is the ideal partner to bring your vision to life. Leverage our comprehensive suite of development services designed to streamline your project and yield top return on investment.

Project Process

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Aptura’s science of process is a proven way to commit to your changes and achieve long-term success.

Aptura’s four-step VSAE Project Process (Vision, Strategy, Alignment and Execution) is a thorough, proven practice that delivers results that exceed your expectations.

Project Process
Phase 1:
Vision. Creating a Shared Statement of Vision.

Every great project starts with a great vision, and we’ll create our’s by combining your ideas with Aptura’s industry expertise. This guiding statement will include critical information on your care model as well as revenue goals, leadership style, operational practices and aesthetic needs. Together, we’ll consider what you’re trying to fix, accomplish or avoid with your project, and how to define and achieve success.

Phase 2:
Strategy. Developing a Scope of Work and Game Plan.

Once your vision is established, we need a plan to strategically execute upon it – while keeping budget and timelines in mind.

Phase 3:
Alignment. Ensuring Strategy Matches Vision.

This is a critical juncture in the project – everyone must be aligned. At this stage, we’ll take time to review the vision and strategic plan and look for any inconsistencies. We’ll use the P.O.P. model considerations to determine the impact of your changes on your people, operations and physical space.

Phase 4:
Execution. Delivering on Time, on Budget and on Plan.

The execution phase culminates in the tangible creation of your vision – it’s where your design and operational decisions come to life. At this stage, it’s important to have a team that executes efficiently and effectively, without compromising the original project vision. During this critical stage, Aptura streamlines communication between the many vendors and contractors involved, manages their performance and delivers on your vision.

About Direct Supply

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The Direct Supply family of companies cares for every critical area of Senior Living, providing everything from equipment and eCommerce to design, industry advocacy and more. We are proud to be one of the nation’s largest providers to healthcare, operating under our founding values of quality, excellence and integrity.

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Our Team: Passionate Professionals

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Aptura’s diverse combination of talent allows us to provide integrated strategic planning, design expertise, procurement and project management solutions that meet your distinct needs.

Beyond delivering Senior Living spaces that promote resident independence and well-being, we’re working with you to build a lifelong relationship. We live up to our promises and deliver results to your satisfaction – guaranteed.

  • Joel TreffertJoel Treffert
    Executive Vice President
  • Chris FrommellChris Frommell
    Vice President & General Manager
  • Gaurie RodmanGaurie Rodman
    Director, Development Management
  • Jeanna KorbasJeanna Korbas
    Vice President, Design
  • Murray PapendorfMurray Papendorf
    Director, Construction Services
  • Diane CurtisDiane Curtis
    Senior Studio Director, Design
  • Matt KwapisMatt Kwapis
    Senior Studio Director, Design
  • Marty LaurMarty Laur
    Studio Manager, Foodservice & Technology
  • Sean BaileySean Bailey
    Studio Manager, Equipment
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